Kevin: I love this game!!

I´ve read a lot of benefits from this kind of games and that was the reason why I bought it to my children. The amazing thing is that we have fun too! Building this game with friends and their sons is a blast!I think this game is also for adults. Definitely is one of those games that everybody needs at home.

Sarah: I bought this game for my daughter

I bought this game for my daughter (4 years old), as it was highly recommended by many of the parenting blogs that I usually read. It was the best choice I´ve made because my daughter loved it!!! Now she spends hours looking how to build her marble run and she invents little races with the marbles increasing their creativity and problem solving skills. We can play together strengthening our relationship, letting me teach her a lot of things while we have fun.

John: It´s an amazing game

I have two kids (5 – 7 years) and they have fun playing with this marble run. Now, when they arrive from school they are always asking me for their super fun set and this is keeping them far from video games and electronic devices without any effort or discussion with us. Thanks Lolo Toys!!!