• Marble run super fun set is a game for kids age 4 + years old.
  • Our product has 90 colorful and translucent building pieces plus 16 glass marbles that make this set fast and fun!.
  • Our pretty and useful box design allows you to easily take your marble run with you everywhere and continue having fun. It is also decorative so it´ll never be a problem if your child doesn’t want to keep it stored away.
  • Our colorful instructions help you enjoy the super fun set and teach your kids how to follow instructions developing patience and teamwork. Additionally, we´ve included in the instructions a Link for you to be part of our Community in order to share with all our members different ways to build our marble run super fun set and participate in contests that will give you access to special awards.
  • Easy to build – just follow the detailed instructions included in the box. Or unleash your creativity and build away!
  • Our sturdy pieces lock perfectly, unlike some other sets that will disassemble at the slightest touch
  • Ideal choice for Christmas presents, birthday gift, after-school fun, and all other holidays.

When kids use the slopes, bends, twists, turns,  and gravity pieces, constructing our marble run challenges, they increase their capacity to analyze finding how to use these pieces to get the right path for the marble to run faster to the objective.

Using the instructions included in our box to assemble the marble run super fun set, children acquire the capacity to see, analyze and execute step by step processes to obtain a desired result.

Building a Marble Run Super fun set can help our children increase the capacity to stay focused on a task without getting frustrated .

Marble run super fun set offers our children many building options, but they need to experiment which way should work best for the marble to runs reach the bases. This also increases the kids’ capacity to find different alternatives or use different point of views to solve problems.

Building a marble run can be difficult at times. It is important to teach our child never to gives up and keep trying.

Due to the number of ways we have to build the marble run, our child can use and increase his creativity through these exercises.

Lolo marble run was created for family times,  therefore you can teach your child how to distribute the different tasks to obtain the best results.

You can incorporate math exercises when building a marble run super fun set, such as counting the pieces needed, the time that will take the marble to reach the base, predict which run/tower will be fastest or estimate how long it will take to complete the marble run.

precision and care are needed when connecting pieces of a marble run, and building a marble run helps develop hand-eye coordination

in order to build something, we need to think about what it will look like when it’s done. We also need to adapt and change our plans as needed while we build. When building a marble run, we need to consider the space we have available, the amount or type of pieces we have, and what our goals or next steps are. These are all spatial skills that will help children when they’re older, especially with math and science.

Marble run super fun set can be assembled in an infinite number of ways so that children will have the freedom to use their imaginations to invent as they want.

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